When you walk, jog or run  “THE BOB” will make your exercising simple and easy.  All calf stretching and strengthening of your leg muscles will be enhanced through isokinetic exercise.  This is a kind if muscular contraction in which  muscles contract at a constant speed against varying degrees of resistance.  Isometric is against immovable resistance and does not change the length of a muscle.  Isotonic is a kind of muscular constant in which muscles contract at varying speeds against a constant resistance, which will affect the tibialis muscle.  Both anterior and posterior will help in eliminating the chance for shin splints, a very painful injury.  The gastrocnemius and achilles will stretch to the full range of motion with the use of  “THE BOB”  from both ways.  Your Speed,  Balance,  Quickness,  Vertical Jump and Flexibility will increase for both your personal and athletic use.   “THE BOB”  will decrease your chances of injury by using your own body weight.  “THE BOB”  will automatically keep you within your natural ability.  “GENTLY ROCK” your toes forward,  then rock back to your heels, repeating the “BOBBING”  motion from heel to toe.  Proper  “FOOT PLACEMENT”  and “STANDING STRAIGHT UP”  is very important to maintain your center of gravity, chin up.  Hold on to a wall or counter. You will make a more difficult exercise while gradually placing your feet back further till your toes are on the edge of  ‘THE BOB“. Reverse  “THE BOB”  repeating the same, but moving your feet forward till your heel is at the edge, this will benefit your achilles tendon and tibialis muscle.   “THIS IS THE SIMPLEST CALF BUILDER AND STRENGTHENER”.   ‘THE BOB”  IS QUICK AND FUN TO USE AND CAN BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH YOUR EVERY DAY EXERCISE   REGIMENT. #1 CALF STRETCHER.




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